Entrepreneur Spotlight

The Footnote

Meet our newest First Rung loan recipient, Carrington Wooten, founding owner of The Footnote. As an endurance athlete currently training for an Ultra, Carrington knows what it means to spend a lot of time on her feet. She also understands that foot health based on carefully analyzed metrics can positively impact active people of any age to improve balance, posture, comfort, and performance. The Footnote’s specialized 3-D scanner is mobile, and Carrington is taking her technology to a range of venues, including medical facilities, boat manufacturing plants, schools, cosmetology studios, banks, and gyms. The Footnote was a featured vendor at the Olde Beaufort Farmers’ Market in November.

Carrington has a degree in Business Administration and Management with experience in finance and bookkeeping. However, a professional life spent behind a desk lost its luster early in her career, inspiring Carrington to transform her running store knowledge into a valuable broad-based service. In addition to foot scans, The Footnote provides specialized custom orthotics as well as shoe recommendations to address each client’s unique foot structure, pressure points, and gait. Schedule a scanning event for yourself or your group and put your best foot forward!

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